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Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

We are the Leader in DPF cleaning for Eastern Washington, cleaning filters for all the major truck and equipment dealers and trucking companies in the area.

We are your Diesel Soot Specialist!

No matter how big or small we clean them all!
We bake all filters to turn the "Soot" into an ash, this allows us to properly clean your filter in our Evacublast cabinet. The Evacublast cabinet is ran by an operator not an automatic machine like some cleaning equipment out there, this allows for better cleaning as that person watches to make sure it is properly cleaned. Unlike the automatic machines that just move in a random pattern over the filter, our machine allows the operator to focus on a spot if it needs a little extra attention. The Evacublast cabinet has a flow meter that shows us how clean the filter is giving us a scale of .5 to 5, we check every filter before we bake them to know the progress it has made to get it the cleanest we can. If you have any questions regarding our cleaning processes feel free to give us a call!

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